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we love wooden shoes

your wooden shoe must be VVild ! Forgotten by many, they have been around for as long as there are shoes. We at vvild love wooden shoes and have therefore developed them further and made them really well. Just a quick trip to the bakery around the corner, fetch the children from school or simply relax after sport or work: everything in the vvilden clogs. Once you have them on you don't want to be without them anymore. It would also be possible with an evening dress.

We make our vvild clogs from wood, leather and fur in a small wooden shoe factory in Döbling. So they are not mass-produced by machine, but rather unique pieces that are handcrafted with a lot of love. Every couple is unique. Not perfection, but natural diversity. We punch and sew the top from carefully selected materials. Putting on the top and molding it in takes a lot of time and skill so that everything fits as we imagine it to be. This process makes it possible for us to make wooden shoes according to very personal wishes and to measure.

We are particularly proud of our wooden soles.

For example, we even developed the flexilble wooden sole, which bends in all directions. You can feel wood and soft fur. But the wearing comfort can hardly be described, just feel it yourself and then not take it off again so quickly. Over time, clogs adapt more and more to the foot of their owner. They are made to be with you for many years.

The wooden shoe was designed for the country - we made it for the city. Combine your favorite outfit with our vvild clogs and take this lifestyle out onto the street. With that in mind, stay vvild.

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